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My prices are low, too, although not as bad as Joseph's.

I start my mixed color cherry pints at $3 or 2 for $5. I have dropped them to $2 in late summer when I have a large supply.

The first guy with tomatoes at market grows them hydroponically in a heated greenhouse, picks them green, and gasses them with ethylene to make them pink. They are like eating a mouthful of pink sand, but people buy them, because they are the first tomatoes. I don't even know what he charges; I don't consider his product to be tomatoes.

The organic heirloom vendor sets her prices at $4 a pound. I rarely see her sell anything. The rest of us keep to about the same prices. We start at $2.50/lb I think. Then over the course of the summer, it drops to $1.50, and bottoms out at 99 cents in late July, sometimes only for the last hour or so of market.

I haven't started selling to restaurants, yet. Market customers buy with their eyes. They hate imperfect fruit, bug bites, or anything that looks wrong. I would think that chefs would care a lot more about taste than looks, because the restaurant customer is never going to see what the whole tomato looked like.
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