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DaveNH- Echoing tim's wow--amazing plants. Earthboxes sure are great as are the knockoff storage box ones. You said you followied EB directions-did you just use a 6-6-6 or 10-10-10 or ?

Love your page too. I like your plastic egg crate sheet idea alot. Instead of tying on pipes though I find it easier to just cut the soil wicking piece of drainage pipe a little taller so that it sticks out above the shelf and then once again support underneath with slightly shorter pieces of drainage pipes.

Nowadays I am using net pots (found in hydroponic gardening) for the wicking piece and eliminate all the tying with those too. You simply cut the opening a little smaller so that the rim rests on top of the shelf. It looks very neat and tidy. Then you just use 2 pieces of drainage pipes underneath to support but no need to tie on.

At the end of the season roots are easily cleaned off and I soak the pieces in a bit of beach water but it isnt one big unit.

Tylenol, nice plant coming along. Looks like you will get lots of tomatoes.

"When we kill off the natural enemies of a pest we inherit their work."
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