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A few notes
The vegetable lines and manifolds are discarded after one year.
The water goes straight from the well to a carrier pipe to the area being watered to the manifold to the lines.
We use a valve on each line.
We do not use filters.
The lines may be as long as 1000 feet.
We have used different flow rate lines. We adjust the total length of line being used so that they are pressurized to the very end of each line that is on. With the lower pressure lines you can leave more lines on but it takes longer to wet the ground.
We constantly move the water to the area most in need, sometimes switching every 12 hours. Often we water several areas at a time.
Most fertilizer is broadcast or sprayed. We do have an old sprayer jerryrigged to hook into a manifold. We fertilize the raised bed strawberries with it. Here again, it is a matter of adjusting the number of lines to fill them with enough pressure.
The pressure from the well is 30 to 40. We have no other pressure regulator. We turn it on to area with open lines and adjust that number so that the lines are full and functioning. The pressure in each line is unknown.
I need to remind everyone reading this that I am in VA. I'm probably
clueless about Texas.
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