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Originally Posted by BettyC-5 View Post
Tormato, did you or anyone plant any of the Tetsukabuto F1 X buttercup I sent. If you did, how were they? I put out two plants and a gopher ate both of them.
Have some more seed so will try again next year.

I didn't get to planting any, as I ran out of room, here. Then I ran out of time, by busting up ~500 square feet of sod (by hand) at a neighbors, to start her a garden. By the time I finished that, there was room, but it was then too late to plant.

I think I only gave out a few seeds, as they were not completely dry. Those and the (was it a blue?) pumpkin seeds started to get moldy while I was making up participants packages. So, I held off sending them out.
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