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Originally Posted by patty_b View Post
Do you think having the Japan Tomato Tree be the RL and Japanese Tomato Tree be the PL would define the two different strains or is there listings for Japanese Tomato Tree in SSE also as RL? Patty
Patty, they aren't two strains when there's a leaf form that isn't the same as the original. Strain has a different meaning as I see it.

I'm wavering here b'c of the many varieties where there's two leaf types known for an original and it isn't and hasn't been abundantly clear to me that the only difference are the genes that that determine leaf type.

it would be if there was a single spontaneous mutation that changed an Rl to a PL, but let's take two different examples.

There's Kellogg's Breakfast and KBX, the PL variant. I think most folks think they're the same except for the leaf form.

But now take Cherokee Purple, which is RL and compare it with Jere Gettles Cherokee Purple Potato Leaf and with Spudakee, Bill Malin's PL version of CP.

Not everyone who compares the two variants thinks they're completely the same as CP,and most of the comments I've seen have related to taste.

I used to think that the reversion from Rl to PL WAS due to a single spontaneous mutation, but keith and I talked about that quite a bit and I agree with him that there are other ways that DNA can be altered, without naming them, and it's perfectly possible that genes other than a leaf form gene can also be changedl

And as Tania said, it could also mean that a variety was not yet genetically stable and the gene flip flops.

There was one variety that did that for me all the time. Craig, what was it? You'll remember b'c you said you had it stabilized.

I'd save seeds from the RL fruits and get both RL and PL in growouts and save seeds from the PL fruits and would get PL and RL in the growouts.

Frustrating as heck.
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