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Ken B
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Here's this year's list!

Today's forecast = partly sunny, 30-40% chance of rain this aft.

* = trial variety/variety SESE doesn’t currently carry
Black Cherry
Cherokee Purple
*Dances with Smurfs – indigo/red cherry
*Don’s Double Delight –bicolored slicing
Eva Purple Ball
*Everglades – pink-red cherry
Garden Peach
German Johnson
*Green Giant – green slicing
Green Grape
Green Zebra
Hege German Pink
*Indigo Cherry Drops – indigo/red cherry
*Isis Candy – red/yellow cherry
*Isis Candy, large fruited off-type – red/yellow slicer
*Ivan – red slicer
Joe Thianamen Australian Heart
*Kellogg’s Breakfast – orange slicer
*Kopek Hayasi – red slicer
*Little Lucky – gold/red slicer
*Lucky Cross – gold/red slicer
Marglobe VF
*Marvin Marvel, Ph. D (LARGER SEED CROP IN 2019 FOR 2020 CATALOG?)
Matt’s Wild Cherry
*Mountaineer Delight – red slicer(SEED CROP BEING GROWN OUT FOR – will be in 2019 catalog)
Old Virginia
*Pear Shaped – red cherry
*Pink Bumble Bee – pink/yellow cherry
*Puerto Cortes – red cherry
*Purple Bumble Bee – purple/green cherry
Red Cherry
Roma VF Virginia Select
*Salvaterra’s Select – red paste
Super Italian Paste
*Tiger Tom – orange/red slicer
*Turner – pink slicer
West Virginia 63
*White Cherry – pale yellow cherry
Yellow Bell
*Yellow Centiflor – yellow cherry (SEED CROP BEING GROWN OUT FOR – will be in 2019 catalog)
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