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I think there are only two varieties of peach that are not self-pollinating. One is JH Hale, which is the best peach I have ever tasted.

What I don't want is something I need to spray over and over again with pesticides and fungicides.

Then you don't want peaches. They are the most spray-intensive tree fruit I know of. You also have to thin the peaches in a good year, so they don't all come out golf-ball size. You'll get peaches year 3, but the trees are short-lived. By the time it is 8-10, you'll probably want to replace it. Oh, and every 3-4 years, there is no crop at all, due to a freeze happening after the tree blooms.

If you want a low-maintenance tree, pie cherries, pears, and Asian pear-apples are all a lot easier to grow. Even plums are easier than peaches, but you'll want to hit them with fungicide so the fruit don't get brown rot on the tree.
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