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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
To fertilize it would be better to have larger spray heads or emitters dedicated for this purpose.
Then just use the drip system for watering.

That's the thing, though, doing so would present a host of new problems: getting through plastic mulch, preventing algae growth, and getting the fertilizer water to soak down far enough into the soil without evaporating. I have to use mulch or else I get a weed explosion. The drip tape under plastic is perfect - as long as it doesn't clog.

I can buy screen material in various micron sizes, and experiment to see how much filtering is required. I'm hoping the beneficial bacteria I would be culturing could fit through a screen of very small micron size.

I will be amending my soil with organic fertilizers like rock phosphate over the winter, but from what I understand it takes years to break down. The drip system would very convenient for delivering beneficial bacteria and sugars to feed them.
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