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Once again, I had the best day ever at market this morning, topping last week by a hundred bucks or so. I went by myself. No one else in my family had anything to sell.

I'm starting to push the limits of what a one man show can accomplish. I started picking about noon yesterday, continued until dark, and then stayed up all night washing, packing, and sorting tomatoes. With the morning of selling them, it turned out to be a 24-hour shift. No-till gardening is killing my sleep schedule

I had two six-foot tables full of heirloom tomatoes, mostly in beer flat boxes. I wanted to take a picture, but I was too busy dealing with customers to spare 30 seconds. I probably picked about 400 pounds or so yesterday, and a lot of that was cherries. I left four 5-gallon buckets of canners for my mom and grandmother, and there is about half a bushel of cherries ripening in my kitchen. Everything else sold at market this morning, other than the last few quart boxes, which I gave to the food pantry. They also got my biggest tomato of the year so far, which was 2 1/4 pounds, a Linda's Faux I think. I hope someone down the line gets a kick out it. I doubt they see a lot of those at the food pantry.
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