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Originally Posted by Don S View Post
Does anyone know the source of the Pineapple bicolor tomao? Only mention I found online was a guess that it originally came from Kentucky.
Don, here is a thread about KY varieties and three of the persons who know most about them posted.

You'll see that Pineapple was mentioned at one point but Maria offered other varieties in addition to KY ones.

Go to the last few pages and see what happened as the thread progressed to Jan of this year.

Summary? I know of no place where the origin might exist other than Glecklers, but Adam has now gone out of business and I'm sure it was his father who first offered Pineapple and no way I know of right now to recapture that info.

IF it's really necessary that you know when I have time, which isn't now, I could e-mail Adam's wife to see if they still have some old Gleckler catalogs around,

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