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I have access to manure. The bedding comes in bags from tractor supply. They are small wood pellets that dissolve in liquid. They are fed high protein bagged feed and hay. Hopefully not too many weeds! Iv'e been collecting the manure since fall. Turning it with a pitch fork. Would it be ready this spring, and any plants I should avoid? I'm the one who believes a little does but a lot does better! thanks, rockman

How old is it? If it is a year old it would be fine. Collecting it fresh and composting since last fall...probably okay to go. I have gotten from three places around here and had no problems with any of it. I did trade some canned tomato sauces, rhubarb jelly, maybe some pear sauce or butter to the lady that filled my 8ft truck bed three times with nice year plus old when I made 50x4ft of raised beds. And if she came by this summer I would give her some more. She even swapped an equal number of empty jars back when I got the last load.
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