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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
This may not apply to the current project (very pretty area, yours too rockman!), but if you are trying to remove grass in an area from sod that was installed in the past few years, do not jump right in and start to till. Sod in my area comes with a plastic net backing. What a mess to try and remove from a tiller.

- Lisa

Do you feel the garden helper in the red shirt actually helped?
Few yrs. ago we had a bad yr. for corn worms, then the black birds discovered the worms and ripped the ears more than the worms. Since then we have used lunch bags to cover ears after they have been pollinated. We grow Ambrosia bi-color now which seems to be tight wrapped enough to deter the moths that lay the larva on silks. As for my helper, once the birds find that juicy worm it's hard to deter them and just like my 5' rubber rat snake in our strawberries, you have to move it quite often.
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