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Types and benefits of mycorrhizae
There are three main types of mycorrhizae:

Ectomycorrhizae—for pine, fir, spruce, oak and eucalyptus
Endomycorrhizae (arbuscular mycorrhizae) —for most crop plants
Ericoid mycorrhizae—for blueberry, rhododendron, azalea, Pieris and cranberry
Some plants, such as crucifers, the carnation family and sedges, do not form mycorrhizae. It is important to match host plants with the right kind of mycorrhizal fungi. The following is a list of benefits that refer to all three types of mycorrhizae, although some are more relevant to one type than the others:

Improved root development:

Any treatment that can enhance the rate and extent of root development will greatly affect the growth and health of the whole plant. The specific situations can be an increased rooting of cuttings, enhanced secondary root development and simply increased root biomass. The benefit then goes further in that the plant has more roots to be colonized by mycorrhizal fungi, which can impart even more benefits to the plant.
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