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Originally Posted by DonDuck View Post
I've read many good reports on Actinovate. Most years, I have three or four tomato plants die from fungal diseases when the weather gets hot. I ordered a two oz package of the product and soaked the tomato plant root balls in the product while transplanting them from the grow pots into the garden. All my plants currently look pretty healthy, but I waiting for hot weather to see if the typical pattern changes. I may give them a second dose of Actinovate before the hot weather hits. Two ounces of actinovate goes a long way if used correctly.
I bought some Actinovate last year but never got around to using it. I was afraid it would irritate my throat/bronchi just like Great White does, and I didn't want to double up on that.

I have terrible leaf disease problems here in NJ. I think I get it all, leaf spot, EB, LB, fusarium, verticillium, you name it. Rain, rain, rain, heat, heat, humidity, repeat.

Last year I tried spraying hydrogen peroxide mixed with water on my tomato leaves late in the season (can't remember the exact proportions, I think it was a tablespoon per gallon? Whatever The Rusted Gardener recommended, I'll have to check).

It worked incredibly well, I wish I had done it earlier in the season.

But also, I think using the Great White mycorrhizae, and good compost and organic fertilizers, helped the plants power up and continue producing well despite the ever-encroaching leaf disease problems. I had some plants with almost literally no leaves left that still produced some big late-season lovelies.

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