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I put in roughly 300 cloves at home. I try to coincide planting with a rain. I will water deeply after planting and let the rains get them up. A couple weeks after planting, before they pop, 3 inches of ash leaves goes on top. When they break ground more leaves go on the bed. This is all they get until harvest. No food, no water, left to fend for themselves. My soil is rich and they do fine. My market garlic is planted on ground several miles from home. Several thousand cloves go in and again get nothing after planting. The plot is not fenced. Every critter in the area has been into the garlic with little damage through the years. I mention these things to let you know this is a tough plant. Your soils are still warm enough to get your crop up. If you decide to mulch before they pop, I would go light and add more later. If you need more to play with, PM me your address and I'll get you out a box of ready to go seed.
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