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For me that link downloads a file without an extension, but it is in fact a .pdf, so if it asks, use your .pdf viewer and not notepad or word, etc.

Thanks for the link. That sounds like a good first step, and I will suggest it.

I did read at some point this past year that hot is not ideal for absorption. Thing about the roundup, it was the same conditions for the grass as the weed. But like a week later the weed was fine and the grass was dead. I know if the grass was sprayed directly it would have died much sooner. Sidewalk weeds that same day were dying by that evening. I basically sprayed my glove and rubbed it onto the indian hemp shoots that were like 6" high! Then a week later the hemp was still going strong but the grass was brown for 3" radius around the weeds. I have to think the stuff absorbed into the weed leaves, down into the roots, and then was passed to the local grass roots. That stuff is just tough, much moreso than thistle.

What really ticks me off is I let this indian hemp grow the first year thinking it was milkweed, and I was okay with that for monarchs. Then it kind of disappeared in the growth, but we never saw milkweed seed pods that fall...then found the seed heads again and ID'ed it. But the next year, knowing what to look for, they were spread pretty far. It was probably there for a while, honestly, but I still feel so dumb for allowing it to seed that last time.

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