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Eugen's first ripe F2 was 45 DTM. His plants have full sun. Mine will probably take a little longer because they only get 5-6 hours of sun. I really want the end product to be early. If they're early, each generation can be accomplished in about 4 1/2 months. I can get 2-3 generations per year and have f7 ready by planting time 2020. My mom is 87 and I want this tomato ready while she can still garden.

I have been keeping the plants to one stem so I can grow them close together, pinching off all suckers. Then I noticed one where there was no growing tip, so I figured I'd accidentally pinched it out. Then I noticed another, and another... That's the normal growth of a determinate tomato! The Hardin's Miniature parent has determinate growth, and a few are showing up in the F2's.

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