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So, just a quick update on our raspberries just for your information kind of thing. our Autumn Brittans have been in the ground for about 18 mo. now. We weeded them a couple days ago and tried not to accidentally rip anymore out. When my dear husband bought these it was over the phone and never had delt with the company before. Someplace in Michigan. We we're sorely disappointed with the micro size of them when we got them. And I do mean micro. They were tiny. We practically planted them mid Dec and left for Texas for 2 weeks. By the time we got home it had started the poler vortex. An Ave daily temp in Feb of 14*. It was COLD and the only insulation they got was snow. They were still not much to speak of last year. Yesterday we were able to harvest enough new suckers to fill in the rows where they died or we accidentally pulled them while weeding. So, fyi... Some of ours have gone hogwild with root growth far away from the rows.
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