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Originally Posted by shule1 View Post
If started indoors they can be very spindly. However, they're not like that in my unheated 6'x5'x3' Strong Camel greenhouse. They come up quite short and squat. They're just as easy to start as tomatoes in there, but they do start out smaller. I think they just need more light and maybe cooler night-time temperatures to avoid being spindly. They certainly get that in the greenhouse.
I wonder if variety matters. I start mine indoors, transplant into square pots at the cotyledon stage and then quickly (within a week) move to my unheated cold frame, which this time of year is often in the 40s at night and I still had them hitting the top of the cold frame before plant out time. I start mine about 5 weeks before plant out time now. I grow Toma Verde.
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