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Originally Posted by edweather View Post
I'm not sure what GZ and BPTD are, but I live in southeast GA. This is only my first year growing down here, we move here from Z5 last Sept. I planted out here Mar 1. That might be a bit early for Atlanta, but it seems to me that the main harvest should be before the main summer heat and humidity. Right now my plants are large and all have ripe fruit. We've been eating ripe tomatoes since the last week in April. There is a second season in the fall, but not as big. Not sure when the perfect time to plant is, but imo, yours should have been out way before now for a bumper crop. Hopefully you didn't miss the window for max harvest, and the summer heat will be kind to your plants.
Hey, thanks for the reply! What I really meant to say instead of 'timing for bumper crop' is 'timing for fall harvest'. I have about 12 plants in the ground since last week in march that are doing great. The green zebra and berkeley pink tye dye went out a couple weeks ago. Not expecting too much for them. Now I'm looking into when the best time to plant around here for a fall harvest would be. Appreciate it!

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