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Default Relocating hose bib

For the past two years, I've had a bit of a pain with anything requiring the use of a hose in my garden. I have one hose bib on the opposite side of my backyard, requiring me to stretch out the house across my entire pool deck and out the door of the screen enclosure. I also have another one on the side of my house, requiring me to run a hose about the same distance and through the door of the backyard fence. Both are a pain.

I would really like to "relocate" the latter one to where the garden is. I've come up with a few options:

1. Have a plumber run some pipes underground from the current location to a new hose bib. Because I have concrete block walls on a slab, doing the plumbing inside is not really an option.

2. Same as #1 but attempt to do it myself.

3. Run an actual garden hose (I would think underground so it doesn't get cut by a lawnmower) to the new location, and hook it up to one of these, which I actually already have but have never used:

Any one have any thoughts? I have no idea how much #1 will cost, how difficult #2 would be (I can glue PVC), or how advisable it is to run garden hose underground.
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