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Hi...Yes...I think they are both two spindly ....I hope I am not putting people out but I have 3 other things I want an opinion on and I do not want to put them all over the place in separate I am sure I have raised something similar previously....

The first two links are fertilizers (dynamic Lifter and Novatec Premium ..I wonder if Patti or somebody could give me an opinion as an additive to invigorate the soil..
....the third link is Mycorrihzae....Now I found out this for sale on tradeMe is a powder mixed with pumice ???? see In Questions?....I wonder if he has bought Mycorrihzae...mixed it with Pumice and selling it on??? I wonder what you think....would it be any good?? I spent $150 on a Mycorrhizae mix earlier this year and it was a waste of money cause the plants I applied it to all failed ..whereas the matured plants about 1 metre high I bought from the Grower via the garden centre were great ...So will do the same this season but I need something for my own seeds ???

Now Worth 1........Stainless Steel as a reflector and self watering my drums....I have attached some photos.....

First the self watering....the rope in my photo is damp so the water has got down into the rope... BUT do I need a second rope ....cause its not exactly dripping with water ....I also thought of putting some fertilizer with the water held in the "Blue Reservoir" holds 2 litres so I am hoping this will be a time saver.....

Finally Stainless steel as a reflector ...i put white bubble wrap on the south side of my greenhouse as Insulation before winter came but I do not think its as good as a reflector for getting sun to the northern side of my greenhouse ...which suffers from a lack of sunshine..It does get the sun at a height of round 2 meters..Sorry about the mess ..I am putting a sliding front door on....and I have to get into my seeds...Thanks Ron
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