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Originally Posted by sirtanon View Post
I'm definitely not giving up on them. I assumed they would take a while to germinate, and I'm doing what I can to give them a fighting chance:

1 - I'm using a sterile mix - Coco coir, peat, vermiculite, perlite, a tiny bit of sand.

2 - I have the seeds in a container that has a tight-fitting lid, to keep moisture in.

3 - The container sits up on a shelf and has a seed-starting heat-mat providing constant heat. I have the mat wrapped loosely around the container so the heat is universal, as opposed to being all along the bottom. This also allows me to adjust the heat so it doesn't get TOO hot.

4 - When I was sowing all of my seeds, the Walter seeds got a pre-soak in a small container of warm water with some Miracle Gro mixed in. I want to say they sat in this for about 3 hours. Had I been thinking, I would have gone much longer than 3 hours.

-- Interestingly enough, ALL of the seeds sank to the bottom almost immediately.. I want to say maybe 15 seconds or so after I put them in the water. This, to me, says that they may still be viable. I've had plenty of other occasions where all the seeds of other varieties floated, no matter what I did, or how long they were in the water.

5 - Every so often, I pop the lid off and spray the top of the soil with a dilute MG mix. I should try spraying in some hydrogen peroxide some time soon as well.

Karen - Shoot me a message with your address and I'll send you some. My only condition is that, if you are able to wake some up, and grow at least one plant out, you save some seeds and send them to me, so I can forward them back to the gentleman who sent me the Walter seeds originally. This was his request to me, and I'd like to honor it. I'll probably also keep a seed or two to start some of my own, if I am unable to sprout any of the old seed myself.
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