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Originally Posted by tryno12 View Post
Thanks for the info Rock, the lack of desert air here in central Indy will be a good reason NOT to grow 'em too close tgether - i see the difference now. Yeah, seems like the resorts and towns around the Salton Sea were all deserted and no more room for graffiti except on top of existing graffiti - only inhabitants like in Bombay City i think worked for the County DPW to keep the water and sewers running but for why?...................
Sadly, the water has become so saline (correction-Not saline) out there that the fish can't stay alive and the commerce died. The link I gave above has many different links to check out. It will lay out all that is wrong out there.

It used to be a really rockin place out there with celebrities being the largest group of people staying there. Sonny Bono was working on trying to get the salton sea fixed. The runoff from farming has caused many problems with the sea, it really is a sad situation.
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