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If all continues to go well I’ll also have some of these to share/swap, plus other stuff like peppers etc. So if you want any of these or the early types aboveplease put in your request. Earl

Mexico Midget cherry
1 to Tim
Green Doctors Cherry =2 left
1 to Tim
Black Cherry =3
Dr. Carolyn White cherry =1
1 for Pete

Dr. Carolyn Pink cherry =2
Sungold cherry =3

Earl’s Faux
1 to Tim
Aunt Gertie’s Gold
1 to Tim
Christopher Columbus paste type [this is a new one]
1 for Gary

Beauty King
Cherokee Purple

Dwarf Red Heart
1 for Gary
[I haven't grown this one before- here's info I've found on it] heavy production, 24" , med sizeA bush tomato, according to its name very small - about 50 cm - and is therefore well suited to culture in a bucket is for.The extremely robust plants bear red, elongated, tapered down fruit.Aroma. They have very few seeds and have a pleasantly sweet flavor. Described as "very nice, 2-3 foot (plants), hardy - healthy, great for 4 to 5 gallon container."

Dwarf Red Heart
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