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Originally Posted by ako1974 View Post
I'm not sure how well delicata keeps, but I use green striped cushaw for pumpkin pies. The pies are great and you can get 6+ months storage under the right conditions. Huge plants, though, and the biggest squash I got was about 15+ lbs.
15 lbs! That's a lot of pie from one squash! thank you for the heads up on this variety.

Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
Delicata is better for roasting and eating as is (without any need to peel it, which is a bonus). I don't believe it keeps as long as other winter squashes given that it's only available on store shelves for a very short period of time.
Good to know, I had no idea you could get away without peeling them. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Wi-sunflower View Post
I've been able to keep some delicata as long as any other winter squash. The trick is not bruising them and having the proper storage conditions. Any of the squash can keep or go bad depending on conditions. Some years we do better with all the squash than other years.

Might have to grow a few and see how long they'll last in the cold room- thank you for the tip

Originally Posted by FarmerShawn View Post
Delicata are generally noted for being a poor keeper. You might get storage life from them, but I find even in the best of conditions, the quality of the squash goes downhill fast (or faster than most squash). They are best used, in my experience, within a couple of months after harvest. Certainly before the green stripes turn orange.
New England Pie pumpkins, Winter Luxury pumpkins, and Long Pie pumpkins are noted for being good pie pumpkins. I have also heard that old-fashioned Blue Hubbard squash, which can be huge, also make a great pumpkin pie filling.
Sounds like keeping them until Canadian thanksgiving might be a stretch- I have heard the same about the blue hubbard, unfortunately ended up with some poor seed last year or I would know if they do well here! thank you
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