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March 18th, 2019

The tomato plants are growing nicely and have been setting fruit throughout the week. I got a few flowers on the eggplants, I'm not really expecting fruiting or maturing fruit on the eggplants in the tent, I'm just trying to nurse them through until I can transplant outside.

The Tomato plants are getting about three gallons of water every 24 hours and I will probably increase to 3.5 gallons per day later this week. The tub is working out great and I never realized how much plants transpire when the lights are on until this last week, the entire garage is like a sauna. I guess given the fact that only 5% of the water taken up by roots remains in the plant and the rest is loss due to transpiration.
There is definitely no need for a humidifier.

I trimmed the plants a tad then diluted in water and fed some "Jobes Organics Vegetable and Tomato 2 - 7 - 4" @ 1/4 cup and some "Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate" @ 1/4 cup.

Raised the lights a bit, they're almost maxed out.

What does a $1,200.00 tomato look like?

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