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Originally Posted by BettyC-5 View Post
Tormato, did you or anyone plant any of the Tetsukabuto F1 X buttercup I sent. If you did, how were they? I put out two plants and a gopher ate both of them.
Have some more seed so will try again next year.
Funny coincidence. I found a rogue fruit when I was recently clearing weeds under the asparagus bed. Unfortunately it was rotted at the bottom. It looked to be a very dark orange/red flesh.

I grew MMMM seeds, but I don't remember them labeled as a buttercup cross.
They were dark and gold flecked like the pictures on Pinetree Seeds.
The vines were huge, but over half of the 10 fruits had holes on the bottom which I presume were animal borings. They also had rotten spots where they were sitting on the ground while buttercup had no rot. I gave the first few clean ones away and have two curing in an unused 61 degree bedroom.
I think they will be on the menu next week

- Lisa
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