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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
Tormato, I used all the seeds, and I don't have any other swaps for squash. Sometimes I save the empty packet for labeling as I abbreviate a lot during the mad seed starting rush, sometimes I save one seed in a packet for future comparisons. Quite a task to find an empty packet, and no luck so far. I am sure this wasn't a Lofthouse cross. Sometimes I wander over to his other posting site and see what he has come up with. Wild stuff!

I finished the other half of my single fruit last night. I would give ++ preference to grow it again based on taste if it were not so attractive to getting eaten by critters or rotting. Neither problems happened to the adjoining Butternut pollinator. I'll look for a few pics that show the inside.

- Lisa


I prevent rotting by placing the immature squash on top of a piece of pine board or other suitable object. Anything to keep the squash from sitting in wet soil.
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