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As usual you are the hostess with the mostest! What a great fabulous party! I admit to sleeping a good part of today....catching up between loading more boxes in the van....but wouldn't trade the weekend for anything!

The seeds in the ziplock bags are on the gardening counter in the garage at the new place (no chance the cleaning lady from Dad's is going anywhere near these babies!)....waiting until they're good and fermented. I still have to compile a master list of which ones we got saved - and that are in my possesion. You still have the ones that were whole to work through.

Your directions to the shopping locations were spot on...even if I managed to miss some of the turn offs. LOL....too distracted by conversations in the van, no doubt. LOL We got through the border crossing going home without any problems....yipppppeeeeee! I unloaded at the new place upon my return, and met some more of my new neighbours (who had all moved in over the weekend- so glad I was away as my driveway was blocked for most of Saturday and Sunday...LOL). I did check the contents of the big box and 3 out of 4 of the framed posters' glass were shattered. Will have to check to see if the posters themselves are damaged, but I opened it up on driveway last night and it was too dark to tell. Packed them back up again and will deal with them and FEDex later. Then I came home, checked email and then crashed....big time. LOL

Thanks again for letting us crash there. (My two older nephews here in town have already absconded with the "new tent" I picked up at Target...think they're planning on camping in the backyard tonight....much to the non-delight of my sister-in-law, who figures that means she'll have to sleep outside too...LOL) Now to get the new place unpacked so that I can be invaded for Oktoberfest upon my return from OZ. Do you think you and Sheryl could actually make it this year?!?!? As usual Sheryl's humour kept us in stitches...and Gary and Jeff at the grill were masterful. Tell Jeff, I'll make him more baklava and pick up more of the salami if he comes for Oktoberfest. LOL

It was a delight carpooling, shopping and sharing all those marvelous meals you prepared in advance with you and Duane. And yeah, shopping is definitely a social activity that should be combined with comedy. Lessens the pain at the register. Still haven't heard a peep out of my bro about the long "dead air" message on his voice mail. But I'm sure it will be pithy.

To the mad woman with the camera....think we got off lightly considering your past snapping of pics. But thanks again so much for taking all the pics of the tomatoes. And yeah, we'll have to arrange a Baklava class in the future. LOL

Pomona & Mike,
Enjoying chatting with both of you...and definitely will try to get to Pittsburgh for a ball game next spring. Road trip....hmmmmm....could probably tempt Terry into joining me too. LOL

Hope you got all the seeds you wanted from last year, but if there are any missing, just let me know and I'll post them too you. Sorry, but by the time we got up on Sunday, cleaned up, packed up and left Remy's we only had time to make our shopping stops and head home before it was dark. Next time I'm over, perhaps I'll be able to see your set up....but then again, might have to leave it until Spring. I'll try to help you with the lifting then, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For those that did make it, but weren't already mentioned, great meeting all of you. It was definitely a blast as always. At least this time by coming early(Friday night), I wasn't stuck at the border for 2.5 hours and missed most of the party like last year. Hopefully next year I'll have some tomatoes of my own to share. In the mean time, watch for a thread for the seeds from this year's party. Free to those that attended. Trades for those that didn't - they're thrown in the same box with the party seeds for the "attendees" to go through.

To those that didn't make it at the last know who you are....sorry to have missed you. To those that are thinking about it for next year....definitely consider it. Lots going on if you're thinking about coming from far away. Make a weekend of it. If you're a Canuck...think about doing what Julianna, Duane and I did - arrive Friday night and leave Sunday. You're then out for the required 48 hours to be able to claim up to $400 duty free upon return....should you feel the need to go shopping....LOL. We even pick up some tomato and pepper books!

Had a fabulous time...can't wait for next year!

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