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I just got home from work a little while ago. Hilde, You're quick! I posted over on our forum pics my sis-in-law took. I assumed you had not posted pics yet. Anyway, Great Job!
I also posted who won what over on the forum. I did forget to mention that Earl's Faux won and was picked as best by some people who had never heard of Earl or Earl's Faux.
I emailed Rob K. to tell him it won as best tasting being of course he and his wife were the only ones to leave early! He was very excited to hear he won and asked if he could send as sase for his certificate. I told him I would just send it. I'm going to surprise him by mailing the plaque.

We were actually talking about your photoshop skills at the party! There was an eggplant you would of loved.
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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