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Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post

Maglia Rosa and Taste Patio, both grown in containers. Very similar, in flavour but Taste Patio tomatoes are a little bigger and rounder. These tasted fabulous early in the season. They have recently put on a big flush of fruit which is rather bland because I've been heavy-handed with the watering can.....

Super Snow White, slightly yellow when ripe. A big juicy cherry
Sweet Aperitif, small red cherry with lots of flavour
Garnet, tasty brown cherry
Blush, tasty yellow bullet
Lucky Tiger, tasty green/yellow bullet, but skimpy
Captain Lucky, delicious bi-coloured beefsteak
KARMA Apricot, tasty two-bite cherry
EM Champion, an early, compact red heart. Great flavour with a little acid kick
Lucky Agi F1 was healthy and tasty, bullet-shaped with thick skin
Madeira F1 also a healthy brown cherry with a complex taste

Green Bee F1, the tomato I expected to hate because I'm not a big fan of "crunchy". I grew it for its long-keeping ability. When it is perfectly ripe (with some red showing) the taste isn't bad at all It is a monster vine, very healthy and incredibly productive.

Duds so far:

Dr. Carolyn Pink (red). Vigorous and healthy
Galina, prolific, but subject to Septoria

Both taste bland, but are supposed to be fabulous later in the season. Drumming fingers impatiently. Meanwhile the dogs and chickens are enjoying these, not because they are so terrible, but because I like to share .

Unfortunately, Blush 2 succumbed to BER in my garden and didn't recover. I didn't think it tasted better than Blush and I pulled it.

KARMA Miracle split badly, despite the drought. It must have been the dew that caused it because of its thin skin. It had good flavour.

Brandysweet Plum tasted good, but it split and was a disease magnet.

SSW and Blush are both great cherries. I've tried many of the bi-colors and Big Rainbow has been the most consistent in terms of production and taste in my experience.
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