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My wife came home from a trip to the mall with a packet of cherry tomato seeds; it turned out to be labelled " very cherry mix" including all colors.

No way to tell what is going to grow, I planted 12 seeds, got 11 plants. One is a pretty standard-issue cherry like Camp Joy, two look to be Isis Candy (which is good, because I have never grown it) and 5 are a yellow determinate dwarf like yellow tumblin' tom. One is very much like Matt's Wild Cherry in flavor, but the clusters are smaller and the cherries larger. One is a big yellow indeterminate covered in fruit, and one might be a green....or very late.

The one like Matt's wild cherry is right alongside the gate, and I find myself mauling it mercilessly as I go past. It seems worth keeping even if I don't know the name.

The little yellow ones I have so many of are going in the compost; when they are all that's ripe, they're fine, but they crack if the weatherman reports rain by the end of the week.

I had saved seeds for a variety I got as "Chet's Italian Black" from a Wisconsin gardener. My seeds were labelled 2007, after originally recieving some in apparently I grew them out once, but didn't keep my notes. 3/24 came up; I gave one to my daughter and kept two.

It's not a black. It COULD be tigerella, but it's just slightly larger and tastier than I remember Tigerella...and the gel stays green even as they ripen past the best eating stage.

We grew a couple of hybrids: "Fantastic" has always filled canning jars, and "Mountain Magic", which wasn't really magical.

The rest of my growing is dominated by old commercial varieties like Faribo Gold and Wisconsin 55.

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