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Purple Brandy, grown from decade-old seed, just as good as I remembered
Pruden's Purple, an old favorite
KARMA Apricot, good-tasting and has pretty good foliage even though I've been watering only every 2 weeks or so, and minimal LFB (leaf-footed bug) damage
Rose de Berne, consistent producer
Green Bee F1, thick skin so the LFBs can't do much damage
Inzhir Rozovye, a beautiful fluted red fig-shaped with good flavor
Agi Red F1, currently my favorite for taste

Some of my early-season favorites have been demolished by LFBs so won't return!
Most cherry tomatoes, especially Rose Quartz Multiflora and Medovaya Kaplya, because they seem to be the prime feeding ground for LFBs
Arkansas Traveler, lots of LFB damage
Schokolodnaja Sosulka, not much fruit, and LFBs have damaged most of it
Romovaya Baba, a GWR that has more of a sour flavor (I prefer sweeter)
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