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I planted my tomatoes late, so production is very late. So far:

First Time Gem:

Rosella - pretty dusty rosy-purple color, wonderful tasting cherry, tons of blossoms,

Dud (so far):

Medovaya Kaplya - early producer but surprisingly bland taste, tends to fall off the vine so find them on the ground a lot (even green). I'm hoping the flavor improves later in the season b/c I was really looking forward to this. Last year Galina was a "dud" too, very productive but bland taste. Same for Sweet Treats, just blah.

But then, lots of yellow/orange tomatoes seem blah to me. Only one year was Chef's Choice Orange super tasty, since then so blah I didn't grow it. Kellogg's Breakfast and KBX, both blah. Growing Dad's Sunset this year, in hopes of finding an orange I like.

I do love Lillian's Yellow Heirloom.
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