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Originally Posted by RayR View Post
Of course Carolyn is right, Fusarium is extremely rare in NYS. The only real Fusarium infections I've read about were in some soybean fields in a few counties in central New York. So you have to wonder how Fusarium got there in the first place since it's an organism that's not native to the North and can't survives really cold winters.
It's far more likely to get Verticillium Wilt in the North than Fusarium.

And this RKN thing. Root Knot Nematodes are root feeding nematodes but there are many many species of root feeding nematodes that are not RKN's. RKN's are species in the genus Meloidogyne, They are not adapted to Northern climates with long frigid winters. They thrive in very hot climates down South. If they were to show up in the North at all they would have to have been imported from the South in contaminated soil.
Very true that there are both southern and northern RKN's, different species, but several years I contacted many Cooperative Extensions and asked them to list the 10 most diseases they saw and specifically asked if any of them had Id ed any northern RKN's the answer,at least back then was that there had been only TWO confirmed Dx of Northern ones.And not just by that one place,it was in toto.

So I concluded that in general northern RKN infections were not commonly found in the cooler zones.

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