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Default Anyone else grow flowers?

I realize that this forum is dedicated to tomatoes and such, but thought the topic might garner some interest.

Last year, my first year growing for a farmers market, I grew some flowers. Not a bunch of flowers but enough to help fill up my tables. I grew wave petunias in hanging baskets, and assorted coleus and marigolds in 4 inch pots. A few herbs rounded out the mix. I was thankful too have the flowers when my first tomato picking was behind and didn't have any for the market. I was also the only one at the market to have flowers.


1. Bright cheerful colors stand out from the usual sea of red and green produce.

2. They sale them selves.

3. No worries about picking and having to hold, hoping they don't go south, unlike a lot of produce.

4. While your at it, plant some for your own landscaping. Save a bunch of money vs. buying at the big box store.


1. Flowers can have a bit of a learning curve.

2. Once you get past mid June, most folks really have every flower they want. But flower sales do pick back up around Aug., when the Fall flower bug hits.

So, fellow Market Farmers, what say ye?
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