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Originally Posted by Hellmanns View Post
The millions was sarcasm, I thought the emoji spoke for that. Sorry.

I grew 2 high quality red hybrids for the bulk of my sales, and a bicolor to round it out. I also learned to avoid having peak production this time of year. I started growing in a tunnel about 30 years ago, and would have a crop that commanded top dollar because no one else had any. I would also plant a main crop to mature about the time everyone else's was ending. Those two things along with paying strict attention to quality helped more than anything to turn a profit.

The two hybrids I grew were the best I could find in regards to flavor, and productivity, and I became very familiar with them to get maximum production of high quality fruit. I always picked vine ripe fruit too, and learned to handle it to keep it perfect.
AKMark said the same thing about being first to market with tomatoes, and I was this year but not in the quantity needed. I saw you have Big Beef growing, I grew Big Beef this year in my little tunnel and the production is impressive but it seems everyone around here grows R&R hybrids so I could only make money from them as early crops. My goal is to grow heirlooms in tunnels organically AND be first to market. Growing under plastic makes it so much easier here in the land of constant rain/high humidity.
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