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Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
Curious.... What do you do at the auctions if nobody buys your stuff and you have all that produce in a box?

Are the veggie auctions like hard good ones where you set a min on your product that has to be met first?

Does anybody do CSA's anymore to take to market for pick up or have they gone out of style.
You can set a minimum price, or refuse the high bid here, but I suggest not if you are trying to get established. I've seen people refuse a high bid before, then buyers wouldn't bid on their lots in the future.

Most of the people who refuse a bid are new growers who see high quality tomatoes bring a certain amount down the line. Then their not so good cracked tomatoes, or improperly graded boxes bring considerably less. So they refuse to accept. It's funny how some people are so proud of their tomatoes they actually can't see the difference in a good one, and their bruised fruit.

I've seen a bunch of folks get into growing tomatoes for profit over the years. One year is generally as long as they last.
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