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Now that it looks like I will be using more plug trays, I decided its time to speed things up. Sowing a 512 tray does take quite a while, and I hate trying to roll seeds between my fingers.

About a week ago I ran across an interesting product.

Its nothing more then a piece of sheet metal with bent sides and holes drilled along the edges. You set it down on the appropriate plug tray, dump your seed right on, then you just drag the individual seed over to each hole. It has holes on both sides. You just work row by row, sowing the seed.

Grant it, its no vacuum seeder, but its bound to be faster.

So this morning, I made my own quick and dirty version.

In my opinion this is light years ahead of rolling and pinching seeds. I timed myself. It took 15 minutes to sow this entire flat. I got slowed down just a bit by seeds that were sticking to each other, and to metal itself. I need to smooth out some of the grinder marks. But overall a success!

This is one of those products that is stupidly simple, and it works. As you drag the seed across the hole, the hole dislodges it from your finger and it drops right into place. I didnt miss any holes, and only had a few doubles.

I might yet purchase the actual product. But I wanted to try out a homemade version, to test the waters.
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