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Today I loosely started on a project that I have been putting off. A heated bench!

Several years ago I bought a 100 foot long gutter heat cable. The kind that is designed to keep ice from forming on the roof/gutter line. Its been in my stash, packed away. I want to say its 500 watt. But I could be wrong.

Since we have some cold weather coming back, I figured now is the time. This is a not permanent install. Just a test. Further tests will be needed, but so far its looking good.

First the bench was cleaned off. This was full of the 512 plug trays.

I installed screws on each end, about 4 inches apart, then looped back and forth. Then returned the trays. This is about 1/3 of the plug trays.

Loosely covered with a scrap of greenhouse plastic. So far the results were promising. During the day, when it was only in the low 50's outside, the bench topped out at about 72.

Right now the outside temp is 45. The remote thermometer is indicating the bench is 62.

Im thinking if this was really tightened up, it would work much better. Will have to look into a thermostat for it.
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