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Default Using Microbes to Lower the Freezing Point in Tomatoes

The article I am making reference to is from the Chicago Tribune dated January of 1991. My hope is that some folks here at Tomatoville can help fill some blanks and provide some current information. The article states, “Rather than cells engineered in the laboratory, the new Frostban consists solely of natural bacteria.” Hence I see no need for a debate about GMOs or gene engineering.
Frost Fight Re-enlisting Bacteria
A couple of things I found quite interesting in this article were;
“Although Frostban has prevented frost from forming on tomatoes at temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours, its target range is 25 degrees and higher.”
"The microbes that make up Frostban are Pseudomonas Syringae, bacteria that live on garden plants. Though common, the specialized Pseudomonas are usually outnumbered by other bacteria, which contain a chemical structure that serves as the nucleus for ice crystals. Frostban introduces the Pseudomonas in quantities large enough to displace other bacteria, lowering the temperature at which frost will form."
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