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I most likely will not make the tasting. If I do it will be towards the end. Out in Adams County all weekend for a class on true bugs. Not many ripening tomatoes. Tragedy struck my patch. 5 inches of rain with my heavy soil took its toll earlier this year. Every plant wilted down and looked to be on deaths door. I had just feed them prior to the rain and was worried if they did survive my their food was washed away. This wilted condition lasted quite some time. I thought I out right lost 1/3,1/3 looked bad but would live and the last 3rd seem alright after 2 weeks. I stripped off much of the fruit and hit them with a fungicide knowing that in this condition every leaf disease around would be lining up for their share. Fast forward to today, all but 2 plants look incredible. Loaded with fruit and no disease. My spacing has helped. They are ten feet apart in big cages. I have the room.
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