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Originally Posted by Jimbotomateo View Post
Love it all Gerardo!. Glad you have the energy to create and maintain that great garden environment! I have four fence posts and would like to copy your cable system. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, . Jimbo
It's pretty simple to hook up. The only tip I can offer is to use vise grips for the initial stringing up. That is to say, after you've created your 1st loop on one end and are starting the process on the other end, put the wire through the eye and then hold it there with a good pair of vise grips.

The vise grips will hold the wire taut while you apply the wire rope clamps, allowing you to get it nice and tight.

My materials were cheap, as I bought some things on the US side and the metalworks on the MX side.

The wood was at a decent price, untreated for 77 pesos, about 4.50 USD. The buried-cemented end I doused with diesel to prolong the life a bit, probably won't make a difference.

Ironically, cement mix is cheaper in the US, so I went with the $3-4 quickrete for 90 lbs, used up 3 bags for 8 poles.

The wire itself was 11 pesos per meter, so about 60 cents USD per yard.

The closed loops were about 50 cents USD, and the most expensive item was the tensioner, running a whopping 57.40, which comes out to 3 USD.

It's relatively simple to install, and if you're tool oriented, I don't foresee you having any issues.
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