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I agree with the free aspect of the event, Robbie. I think that charging a small fee wouldn't be a bad thing. (Maybe $5 to $10) Enough to cover the basics, like plates, ice, transportation, maybe even extra tomatoes from the farmers market. (I don't know how much is usually provided.)

I also don't think anyone would object to some compensation for the people who bring large amounts of tomatoes, like Craig and Lee. It might also cover a hired hand or two, so that the organizers wouldn't be so overwhelmed. And maybe some beverages, like water lemonade or tea.

The idea of bringing tomatoes to offset ticket price seems good as well. Maybe that would spur people to take a little time and raid their gardens before they come. I might suggest giving them more off than $1 a pound, though. Maybe, anyone who brings at least two pounds of homegrown tomatoes gets in free?

That way, the event stays more true to the original goal of getting together and sharing our bounty, yet people who don't have tomatoes to share can still be involved and contribute.

I don't think it needs to be a dinner, though. I get the feeling that the participants come specifically to taste a wide variety of tomatoes. And almost as important, they come to meet and mingle with other people who like to do the same and who enjoy growing tomatoes. Why make it more complicated?

It seems like if a place to do that in an inviting and comfortable manner is provided, they will come!
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