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Originally Posted by HoustonHeat View Post
Bill I am ordering some TTL. It's costly for a gallon but per label makes 256 gallons so it should last a while. If it works as claimed I will buy the case of 4, which is a 33% discount.
Do you give each plant a gallon of mix?
The amount I give the plants is determined by how the plants are looking. I use a Chameleon hose end sprayer which works really good for TTF because I can use it full strength in the sprayer and just pour what is left back into the jug when I am finished. I usually soak the ground well on fully grown plants and if they are looking anemic I will really apply a lot maybe even a gallon and a half on a really large plant.

The best thing you can do if you are using TTF with a hose end sprayer is take the time to get it thoroughly mixed up. It has a tendency to settle pretty badly and it takes a lot of agitation to get it back into a really balanced solution. When I open a new bottle I shake it as hard and long as I can then pour half of it into another jug and then shake the two jugs really well and then pour them back together. When I pour it into the hose end container I strain it through a small mesh stainless steel strainer to catch any larger particles that could stop up the sprayer siphon. When I get through fertilizing my plants I pour the remaining TTF back in the jug and then add clean water to the hose end sprayer and run for a minute to make sure the small openings in the siphon settings don't get any buildup of TTF. I only do this on whatever settings I used when fertilizing and it usually just the one TBS per gallon.

I know I wasn't as specific as you would like in the amount of fertilizer but you will learn from watching the way your plants respond to the feedings you give them. If the plants are dropping too many blooms and not setting much fruit then they will probably need much more and it they are getting too vegetative and dark green you will need to cut back a bit. Do not over fertilize very young plants because they need to suffer a bit to put out a root system. For the first few weeks after setting plants out I usually only give them 1 1/2 tsp per gallon and not too much even at that weaker setting unless I see some yellowing or paling of the plants.

Good luck with it and I think you will be happy with the results you get.

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