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Originally Posted by coronabarb View Post
What Worth said ;-) Salt is for taste...won't affect the acidity. I just canned up 12 qts of crushed tomatoes. That leftover juice, even though watery is so delicious to drink. Can't beat that homegrown tomato taste. Oh and I don't add salt either. I prefer to use it when cooking or to sprinkle on when eating. I tend to eat too much salt already.
I cut back on the salt in my 20's I cant believe how salty canned food is.
And for no reason.

A few misconceptions on salt and preserving.
Yes you can preserve with it but not in canning.
Unless you are fermenting pickles.
It is used to dehydrate and cure meat.
This removes so much moisture that the meat wont spoil.
Many times this also includes the addition of wine and some other acid in sausage and a nitrate.
A nitrate will break down into a nitrite at a slow rate.
Both Nitrites and nitrates are used to dry cure sausage and hams many of which aren't cooked and eaten raw like Prosciutto.
They just use salt on Prosciutto and age it for 2 years or so.

If done right you get a white mold on the outside if something goes wrong it will get slimy.

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