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Originally Posted by zendog View Post
Actually I think that is the way google displays it in the search, but when I clicked through Bonnie's had the chunky ones as well.

I'm still happy to give them a try, but more wary these days having grown out some Poblanos from a well known vendor that turned out to be some type of small bell pepper.
It might be worth it to reach out to them and ask them if their source for the seeds does bagged blossoms to prevent cross-pollination. Hopefully they could at least address that. But hopefully even if you get a more elongated shape it'll be in the zone of heat that you were shooting for?

My seeds (and seed potatoes) arrived yesterday, but I had little time to go through everything last night other than a quick count of the packets and a quiet "um, I hope you like beans and peas" to my sweetie. I got sample size packs of several beans, from Scarlet Runner to bush-type green and burgundy beans, plus I already had gotten yard long beans from another source. I think they'll grow more successfully than a lot of the brassica that like cooler weather than we'll have much of, though I do have one cabbage in the mix, and still want to try broccoli raab that I somehow forgot to add to my order.
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