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Originally Posted by whistech View Post

That's what I was thinking too. Assemble upside down. When I read about hanging in the air , I thought , oh heck, me on a milks crate, in the air with a drill. That would be the making of a disaster for sure.

Now that is what I call a tepee! If I send you a SASE would you send it to me?

I like it. Looks like you have maybe two pieces of wood at the top ? How did you hoof them together?

It's really nice! Good job!
I was thinking about sending you one if I was rich I would send everybody one that wanted one.

As for the top piece it is two 2X4's I cut a clean edged on with the table saw and glued together with what they call Titebond II weather proof glue.
I buy it by the gallon and use it on everything.
The wood will rot before this stuff will and is food safe fro cutting boards and so on.

Originally Posted by JoParrott View Post
WOW! Put a skin on it and rent it out!
I was thinking off that.

Something like this would be the cats meow for camping.

Now that I think about it there is another way to put the hinges on but it might be weaker.
That would be to put the hinges on the bottom of the top board and let the top of the poles rest on the edge of the top center piece acting as a limit stop.
That way you wouldn't have to flip it upside down to unfold it.
It is easy to get up by yourself but almost impossible to get back down without more than one person or you will bend the hinges as I did yesterday.

Once I get it back down again I am going to change it to the second method.

Be back soon with that one.

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