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Glad to hear you have had good results with the Masterblend! I have had plants react to high EC as you describe. Last year the batteries on my (cheap) EC meter got low and I was getting low readings and I jacked up the concentration until I realized my error because the plants were responding like you described, which happened at about 4.5 - which is what drives my concern. I ended up losing one of 8 plants and the others took a long time to recover and I lost fruit.

I pulled out about 20 gallons and added more water to bring the EC back down to 3.0 before I headed off to work. I will check again when I get home so the plants probably didn't suffer a lot of damage.

I mixed up each of the 3 components separately and they were all dissolved before I combined them and created the solution in the reservoir, so it was not an issue of the salts dissolving. pH was the only other thing I can think of that might result in this kind of change, but as I said I don't have much experience with this product.

If the EC has stabilized and not changed much since this morning when I check it again tonight I will probably stick it out, but if not I am going to take your advice and go back to my usual and futz with it when I have more time.
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